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6 Obscure Classic Cartoon Characters

You may have seen these characters here and there, but even if you have, chances are you haven’t seen their entire cartoon catalog unless you’re an avid animation fan. Still, just because these characters are lesser known doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve your attention. So sit back and relax and enjoy learning a bit [...]

The Late Movies: Ub Iwerks

Ub Iwerks was a Disney animator from the early days of the company. He first worked for Walt Disney in 1922, and created the character of Mickey Mouse. Iwerks left to form his own animation company in 1930. He did some Looney Tunes work, then returned to Disney in 1940. Cinderella This 1922 version from Walt Disney’s [...]

The Late Movies: Starfish

Starfish are also called sea stars these days, as they are not fish. Of course, they aren’t stars, either. But they sure perform nicely for a camera! Here are some of the things that starfish can do. Turning Over This starfish took over six minutes to right itself, but thanks to time-lapse photography, we get to see [...]

A Tribute to the Grilled Cheese Sandwich

A grilled cheese sandwich is a staple food for children because it’s simple, quick, and cheap to make. Kids like simple food, and an American cheese slice on white bread is as simple as it gets. Melt it by frying it in butter, and that adds a dose of love to the dish. When we [...]

How To Build a Tesla Coil

I used to love playing with the Tesla Coils at the mall but never wanted to fork over the cash for one. Now this helpful guide will show me how to build my own Tesla Coil right at home. However please be careful: Bring it outside for its first run, as it really isn’t safe to [...]

The FLIP Ship

Despite the many opportunities for research in the oceans, the surfaces of those seas tend to get rough. Ships being tossed around tend to do less research, so in 1962 the Office of Naval Research helped to develop the Floating Instrument Platform (FLIP). FLIP can be used in either a drifting or moored mode, based on [...]

Is Stealing Wi-Fi Wrong?

Flip open and fire up your laptop, find an unsecured wi-fi signal and check your email … have you just stolen wi-fi? It may be illegal in some places, but is it immoral? Can wi-fi be stolen? Here’s an interesting article by Finlo Rohrer of the BBC News Magazine about whether “stealing” wi-fi is wrong: So here’s [...]

Save the horseshoe crabs! Just Flip ‘Em!

Horseshoe crabs are cool for many reasons (trust me). So here’s a campaign to tell people what to do if you find one on its back. Just Flip ‘Em! There’s even a theme song. Our Just flip ‘em! program is designed to bring attention to the hundreds of thousands of horseshoe crabs (Limulus polyphemus) who die [...]