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Hong Kong Airlines Flight Attendants All Know Kung Fu!

[YouTube Clip] Don’t mess with the flight attendants aboard Hong Kong Airlines! They’re all trained in the deadly martial arts of Wing Chun, a form of kung fu [...]

Aches on a Plane

On April 7, 1994, pilots Captain David Sanders and Captain Jim Tucker took off in a FedEx cargo jet from Memphis. Andy Peterson was their flight engineer. Also aboard was Auburn Calloway, a FedEx flight engineer who was just hitching a ride. But getting a ride wasn’t his entire plan, which became evident only a [...]

Pilot Locked in Bathroom Causes Terrorist Scare

The airline industry will have to put together a new set of procedures to cover the event of a pilot getting stuck in the toilet. A Delta Airlines flight from Asheville, North Caroline to New York City was the scene of a security alert yesterday. While the pilot was in the lavatory, the door latch [...]

Come Fly the Busy Skies

Photo: D. Byron Darby D. Bryon Darby’s new home in Arizona, is directly within the flight path of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, so what’s a photographer to do? He made an art project [...]

Hypersonic aircraft to fly at 13,000mph

The US military are to launch a test flight of a new experimental hypersonic unmanned aircraft. The Falcon HTV-2 is capable of reaching anywhere on Ea…

Paper Airplane Producers: Morning Types vs. Evening Types

The following article is reprinted from The Annals of Improbable Research. by David L. Dickinson, Dept. of Economics, Appalachian State University, and Todd McElroy, Dept. of Psychology, Appalachian State University People differ in their diurnal (time of day) preferences: some are morning-types and others are evening-types. These differences are explored in a unique experiment design in which [...]

Two Men Run Wild in Empty Airport Terminal

What would you do if you connecting flight was canceled and you were stuck in the Dallas Forth-Worth airport all night? If you were photographer Joe Ayala and friend Larry Chen you would make an epic video when you discover you are seemingly the only people in the terminal. The duo drank beer from ice [...]

Guess the Substance

Frontier Airlines called in a report that sparked a response from the Milwaukee Fire Department’s Hazardous Materials Unit. A suspicious white powder was found on board a flight from Phoenix to Milwaukee -on a diaper changing table. You can see where this is going. The white powdery substance was found on a diaper changing counter in [...]

Virgin’s Enterprise Makes First Feathering Flight

Virgin Galactic’s experimental SpaceShipTwo, dubbed the VSS Enterprise, recently performed its first flight using “feathering”. That means that the rear of the craft bent far backwards to slow it down during re-entry. Popular Science’s Clay Dillow explained its significance: “Feathering,” as it is known, is probably the biggest innovation integrated into SpaceShipTwo’s design. In the feathered [...]

The Late Movies: Flight of the Bumblebee

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov wrote the tune “Flight of the Bumblebee” for his opera The Tale of Tsar Saltan in 1899. It has been used over and over to convey a sense of frantic hurry in TV, movies, and other media. Musicians use it to show off their speed. And since it is so recognizable, you can [...]