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The 8 Wheeled Skateboard That Can Cruise Down Stairs

As a former skateboarder, I know how frustrating it can be to come up against yet another flight of stairs when you’re tired of grinding handrails, or leaping from great heights, and you just want to go home. That’s where Po-Chih Lai’s 8 wheeled Stair Rover comes in, with specially designed pivoting trucks that allow it [...]

Break Into a Building Using Lego

This neat scene from a 1979 Danish film “The Olsen Gang Never Surrenders” shows an electronic Lego device that expertly sneaks into a building, making its way up a flight of stairs. I don’t know who the Olsen Gang is, but they sure have some innovative Lego designers. Link

Baby Goes Down The Stairs In Style For Bottle

Nothing will stand between this baby and a bottle … not even a full flight of stairs. Check out how this cute kid navigated down the stairs over at NeatoBambino: Link [embedded YouTube clip] | For more cute and wonderful baby and kid stuff, check out Neatorama’s own NeatoBambino blog.

As an Experiment Man Goes without Soap or Shampoo for a Year

Sean Bonner reasoned that human beings have evolved without soap, and therefore it’s unnatural to strip away the dirt, oil, and grime of daily life with it. As an experiment, he stopped using soap and shampoo for a year. Although Bonner still showers on a regular basis, he uses just water. He’s written about his [...]