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A Beautiful Work Of Cake Art Named Zelda

Meet Zelda, a cake that’s far too beautiful to be eaten, which is too bad because she actually sounds quite delicious: Zelda is half Peach Cake soaked in bourbon, the other half is vanilla cake with a salted caramel buttercream. She was masterfully crafted by Karen Portaleo and the Highland Bakery, whose incredible works of cake art [...]

5 Beloved Ethnic Foods Invented for Americans

Many of those beloved “ethnic foods” Americans crave so much—Mexican, Chinese, Italian—were were actually invented or popularized in the good old USA. 1. General Tso’s Chicken Photo courtesy jensteele’s Flickr photostream Who is General Tso and why is his chicken everywhere? No one seems to know. While there was a General Tso (or Zuo Zongtang) in 19th-century China, [...]

Huge Origami Beetle

This fist-sized beetle by Shuki Kato is ten inches across and kind of scary. Once you’re done changing your pants, check out this photo from his Flickr photostream which gives us a hint of the preparation and planning necessary to make a piece of origami this complex. Flickr photostream -via Colossal

Lego Bicycle (non-functional, but awesome)

This lime-green Lego bike was just one of the highlights of the Brickmagic Lego convention in North Carolina earlier in May. Check out their Flickr photostream for tons of other amazing creations. Link via Geekologie

Michael Paul Smith’s Amazing Miniatures

What a lovely photograph from yesteryear, eh? Not quite. It’s a model. Specifically, it’s one of the astoundingly detailed models of 1950s American homes, cars, and street scenes made by Michael Paul Smith. His work is being compiled into a new book called Elgin Park, the name of a fictitious Pleasantville-like town which his models and [...]

Minimalist Doctor Who Posters

Graphic designer Alex Freeman made posters that display, with only basic colors and shapes, the first six incarnations of the Doctor on Doctor Who. At his Flickr photostream, you can also view minimalist book covers that he’s designed for Star Wars novels. Link via Technabob | Freeman’s Website

World’s Tallest Climbing Wall

The Excalibur is a climbing wall at the Klimcentrum Bjoeks, a climbing center in Groningen, The Netherlands. It’s the tallest climbing wall in the world, standing at 121 feet with a 36-foot overhang. Photographer Eric Kieboom took many excellent pictures of this wall, 14 of which are available in his Flickr photostream. He suspended his camera [...]

TrustoCorp’s Public Art

TrustoCorp is a New York City-based art collective that spreads messages to the public by creating signs or shopdropping. Its Flickr photostream is filled with works similar to the sign above. Flickr Photostream and Official Website via Super Punch Previously: Is Shopdropping (Reverse Shoplifting) a Crime?

Man Finds Himself Featured in Post Secret Photo, But That’s Not His Secret

An anonymous contributor to Post Secret sent the above image to Frank Warren, the artist responsible for the ongoing secret-sharing project. But since he didn’t want people in his life to know about his shameful history with the Denver Broncos, he used another man’s photo. Specially, one named Luke Pebler, who uploaded the photo into [...]

A Normandy Veteran Meets The President

The context of the photo is explained at the White House’s Flickr photostream: June 6, 2009 “After his speech in Normandy, a crush of people tried to get close to the President to shake his hand. I noticed this guy waiting patiently and then literally being pushed back into the crowd. I felt bad for him, and [...]