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World War I Centennial: Rattling the Saber at Sea

The First World War was an unprecedented catastrophe that killed millions and set the continent of Europe on the path to further calamity two decades later. But it didn’t come out of nowhere. With the centennial of the outbreak of hostilities coming up in 2014, Erik Sass will be looking back at the lead-up to [...]

The Planning of Pearl Harbor

Photo: Bob Landry/TIME & LIFE Pictures On December 7, 1941, the Imperial Japanese Navy launched an incredibly daring, technically sophisticated combined naval-aerial surprise attack on the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor, just northwest of Honolulu on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. The devastating aerial attack carried out by Japanese fighters, dive-bombers and torpedo planes crippled [...]

London’s Underground River

The River Fleet in London is a tidal river that once provided water for many industries. Over the years, it became quite polluted, then was consigned to flow underneath the city as London grew, until it was eventually incorporated into the sewer system. But the river is still there, filling its tunnels at high tide [...]

Inside the Ghost Ships of the Mothball Fleet

The Mothball Fleet is the group of decommissioned Navy ships stored at Suisun Bay, just north of San Francisco. These ships served in conflicts going back to World War II, and now they are gradually being scrapped. Photographer Scott Haefner and friends managed to spend several days exploring and photographing these ships, despite security guards. [...]

R.I.P. Claude Choules

Claude Stanley Choules died today at a nursing home in Perth, Australia, at the age of 110. Choules was the last known combat veteran of World War I. World War I was raging when Choules began training with the British Royal Navy, just one month after he turned 14. In 1917, he joined the battleship HMS [...]

Bus Roof Garden

Pictured above is an artist’s conception of what the Bus Roots project will look like upon completion. The team behind this venture hopes to plant gardens on the roofs of buses in New York City: A public transit bus has a surface of 340 ft2. The MTA fleet has around 4,500 buses. If we grew a garden [...]

NASA puts $28m price tag on retiring shuttles

NASA have lowered the price of the space shuttles for museums to obtain them once the fleet has been retired later this year. The vehicles that kept a…