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Wood and Leather Flashlight

Gad Scott Tal’s lovely flashlight is made from reclaimed wood polished with organic beeswax and held together with leather and brass pieces. It’s beautiful, but, Tal argues, also practical:   Initially, it might be enjoyed as a curio, but its practicality would likely be realized during the next rolling blackouts. Link -via Nag on the Lake

Rooster LED Flashlight and Keychain

Rooster LED Flashlight and Keychain – $3.95 Behold the Rooster LED Flashlight and Keychain from the NeatoShop! With a push of a button, a hearty crow, and a small beacon of light you can show the world your love of all things chicken. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more hilarious Keychains & Key Covers. Link

Star Wars Lightsaber Flashlight (Darth Vader)

Star Wars Lightsaber Flashlight (Darth Vader) – $25.95 Are you a Star Wars fanatic in need of a new flashlight? Behold the Star Wars Lightsaber Flashlight (Darth Vader) from the NeatoShop. This fabulous red LED flashlight has lightsaber sound effects when you turn it on/off. Get one of these flashlights and a light source force will [...]

Brilliant Inventions that Look Like Gag Gifts

Would you believe… a helicopter ejection seat? A solar-powered flashlight? An inflatable anchor? They’re not jokes -well, they are the subjects of some jokes, but these gadgets really exist, and they really do the job, as you’ll see in this list from Cracked. NSFW text. Link -via The Daily What

Special Door Serves as Earthquake Shelter

Younghwa Lee, a graduate student in design at Kingston University, designed this door. In the event of an earthquake, it folds in half to create a crude shelter from falling objects. The doorframe contains a wind-up flashlight, drinking water, and medical supplies. Link via Geekologie | Photo: Gizmag