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Fabulous Photos of Famous Flappers

This post was planned long ago as a followup to The Rise of the Flapper, which looked at some of the reasons for the iconic lifestyle many young women adopted in the 1920s. Some famous flappers were role models, either in real life or in the movies or other entertainment venues, and others only became [...]

Monsters As Flappers

Some of the most popular Halloween costumes are monsters and flappers, so if you are a female that already is a monster, a flapper is a natural costume choice. Artist Jeffery Thomas has a great collection of a variety of monster gals glammed up as flappers and the artwork is simply fantastic. Link Via BuzzFeed

The Flappers’ Dictionary

Jim Lewin received a stack of old magazines at his used bookstore that included some issues of The Flapper from the 1920s. A July 1922 issue contained “The Flapper’s Dictionary,” a glossary of hot slang terms of the time, which he posted in its entirety. Here’s a small sample: Absent Treatment—Dancing with a bashful partner. Airedale—A homely [...]

The Rise of the Flapper

Several factors were in play in the 1920s for the emergence of what came to known as flappers, teenagers and young women who flaunted convention and spent their time pursuing fun instead of settling down to raise children in the prime of their lives. Many entered college or the workforce and felt entitled to make [...]