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The First Feature Length Film Shot Entirely On A Smartphone

(YouTube Link) Olive looks like a cute little film, with an indie flair and a colorful cast, nothing too groundbreaking until you discover how the film was shot- entirely on a Nokia N8 smartphone! Also noteworthy is the fact that Olive was created as a true independent, the first film to make it from small smartphone screen [...]

Hamster Plays Dead

Move over, possum! There’s a new animal that can pretend to be dead … with much more dramatic flair. Meet, the hamster that will surely win next Oscar: Hit play or go to Link [...]

Make Your Own Death Eater Mask

If you’re one of those people who likes to add a certain flair to your wardrobe when seeing Harry Potter movies in the theaters, and if you think Gryffindor = a bunch of goody two shoes, then this is the perfect DIY craft for you. Instructables user TheGeek1984 provides a handy step-by-step guide to creating [...]

Cake Candelabra

Cake Candelabra – $7.95 Are you looking for a quick way to add flair and style to your pedestrian cake? You need the Cake Candelabra from the NeatoShop. This classy candle holder includes 9 matching silver candles. Your friends will be awed and amazed by your decorating talents. Be sure to check out all the fabulous Party [...]