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Canadian Flag Made from Natural Materials

While hiking, redditor Cuervo2099 was inspired to make this flag out of natural, found materials. I hope it inspires some artist to do the same with flags for all the nations of the world. Link -via Nag on the Lake

Superhero Flags

If superheros were to start their own nations, then these flags would be ideal ways for each of the respective heroes to display their pride in their respective countries. How many can you recognize? This image is available as a print by creator Fabian Gonzalez. Link Via Laughing Squid

A Pizza Tour

Jen made little pizzas that resemble the flags of some of the countries she’s visited. Not only do they look like flags, they are topped with foods representative of that nation’s cuisine. She shows us how she created a few of them at Tiny Urban Kitchen. Link -via Everlasting Blort