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Save a Baby Woodpecker? You’re Fined!

When 11-year-old aspiring veterinarian Skylar Capo came across a baby woodpecker about to be cat lunch, she sprang into action and saved it. When she couldn’t find the baby’s mom, she took it home to take care of it … that’s when she (and the bird) ran into a danger far worse than the feline [...]

Survival Training, Ferret Style

At one time, the black-footed ferret was one of the rarest animals in the world. They were native to the Great Plains, but thought to be extinct. Then in 1981, 18 ferrets were found and rounded up for their own safety. Captive breeding programs produced 7,000 ferrets since then. They are being introduced into the [...]

The Abandoned Military Airbase at Johnston Atoll

Johnston Atoll is a US territory covering about 50 square miles of islands in the remote Pacific Ocean. From 1934 to 2003, it was under the control of the US Navy and was used as launch site for nuclear testing and super-secret experimental aircraft and who knows what else. The base was abandoned when the [...]