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Tobacco-Firing Pistol

This is the Scheintod gas pistol. It was manufactured in Germany after the First World War. According to some of my sources, this odd derringer fired 12 mm cartridges which contained powdered tobacco–that is, snuff. This would hopefully send the target into a sneezing fit. Link

On Remembrance Day

The guns fell silent 94 years ago today. The long nightmare that was the First World War was over. Artist Rachel Holding marked the occasion by making this wreath out of toy soldiers and a single plastic poppy. Link -via Nag on the Lake

Weddings Complete with Kidnappings

Photo: Vadim Ghirda Weddings are precious moments everywhere, but in Romania it comes with a little side of kidnapping for ransom. So forget veils, there brides wear blindfolds … Here’s the country’s strange tradition [...]

Shed of the Year

We always get a kick out of announcing the winner of the British contest Shed of the Year, but this year, the winning shed is quite interesting in its own right. Jon Earl of Clevedon, Somerset won £1000 and a “shedload” of the sponsor’s products. His shed is more than just a place to store [...]

John Heartfield’s Anti-Nazi Photomontages

Before the advent of Photoshop, being a photmontage artist was a fairly complicated endeavor. For John Heartfield, a German citizen who chose to speak out against the National Socialist Party through his work, it was even more difficult. Born in 1891 as Helmut Herzfeld he saw the horrors of the First World War first hand. Although [...]

Camouflage to Disrupt Facial Recognition Programs

During the First World War, Allied nations painted their vessels with odd, angular shapes to break up their lines and make them harder to see at a distance. CV Dazzle is a thesis project by Adam Harvey of New York University that attempts to do the same thing with hair and makeup in order to [...]

Cake Face | Cake Decorating | Cake Designs

Cake Face designers Created by artist Ashkan Honarvar, these ideas Reconstructed Cake Faces are both Awesome Birthday Or Wedding Cakes gruesome and delicious.The art pieces were inspired by the inevitable sufferings that come with violent wars. These faces represent the soldiers from the first world war, who suffered the horror of mutilations to their faces. [...]

26-year-old World War I Victim

Maité Roël of Bovekerke, Belgium is the youngest victim of the first World War. As a disabled war victim, she carries a veteran’s card that entitles her to reduced train fares, but gets suspicious looks when she uses it. Roël was only nine years old when an RAF bomb that was inadvertently thrown on a [...]