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Man Sued Wife for Ugly Baby

I’m a firm believer that no babies are ugly, but a man named Jian Feng from China apparently believed that there are such a thing, and that his own baby is one. Because his wife [...]

Spock Learns about Anger Management

(Video Link) YouTube user OneMinuteGalactica mashes up classic hygiene films with scenes from science fiction, such as Luke Skywalker’s and Leia’s first date. In this mashup, Spock is trying to overcome his problem with anger. As he will discover, only a fool fights in a burning house. via blastr

Conversacube Helps You through Those Awkward Silences

(Video Link) Lauren McCarthy is the designer responsible for the Happiness Hat — a hat that drives a painful spike into your head when you forget to smile. The Conversacube is one of her more recent projects. It’s a little box that will prompt you on what to say during a first date when you’re not [...]

What to Do on a Space Date

(Video Link) YouTube user OneMinuteGalactica remixed scenes from Star Wars with audio from a 1950s-era teen hygiene film about dating. Luke wants to ask Leia out on a date. How should he do it? What should they do together? This film advises young Jedi on how to have a good first date experience. via Topless Robot

girls drinking alcohol (Wine)

girls drinks alcoholMen, it seems, are more impressed with women who swig beer. To them, such women appear sexy, confident, fun and independent. In fact, the men surveyed in a poll commissioned by UK-based beer company BitterSweet Partnership, even admitted to being turned on by girls who ordered a beer rather than a glass of [...]