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This Skirt Is Simply Precccciiiioooouuuussss

The good news is that wearing this skirt won’t make you invisible, the bad news is that someone still might try to steal it or attempt to throw you in the fires of Mount Doom, so watch your back. Link Via The Mary Sue

Composite Photographs of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Today’s City

Beginning on April 18, 1906, most of San Francisco was leveled by a horrendous earthquake and the fires that followed. Photographers captured scenes of the devastation. Now Shawn Clover has merged those photos with his own depictions of modern San Francisco. Part 1 and Part 2 -via Colossal

R2D2 Fire Hydrant

If he can help destroy Death Stars, then he can certainly help put out puny fires on our planet. Apparently Comediva spotted this beauty at Comic Con and I have to say, I wish I saw it while I was out and about that weekend. Link Via Geek Are Sexy

Freakish fires terrorize family

Unexplained spontaneous fires are plaguing a South African family while fire-fighters remain baffled. A heavily traumatised family is dealing with the…

Electrical magic wand puts out fires

Scientists search for a new way to extinguish fires quickly and efficiently with electricity. Although it seems like an unlikely solution the idea of …