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Dog Saved Puppies From Burning House

Photo: J. Monsalve As firefighters in Chile battled a house fire, photographer J. Monsalve noticed a dog going back and forth rescuing her puppies. The dog, named Amanda, dragged her 10-day old puppies one [...]

Man gets stuck head-first down drain

A drunk man trying to retrieve his belongings from a storm drain ended up stuck head first inside it. Firefighters arrived on the scene soon afterward…

The Amazing Slide House

When I was a youngster, I thought firefighters were the coolest people alive…not because they were heroes, but because they got to slide down a pole to go to work. These days, while I respect the heck out of firefighters (anyone who lives in Southern California knows just how important they are), I have to [...]

Hey, There’s a Sheep on Your House!

Firefighters in Bridgend, Wales, were called to a home in Pontycymer because a sheep had been spotted walking around on the roof. A fireman at the scene said, “We have never had anything like that before, though we have found sheep in some difficult places. “It was running back and forward on the roof, but eventually it [...]

The Year 2000, As Predicted in 1910

In 1910, a French illustrator named Villemard created a series of postcards which imagined life in the year 2000. He speculated that we would use motorized roller skates, firefighters would fly on batwings, and machines would dress and powder ladies automatically. As for school, as you can see, information will be simply downloaded into our [...]

Farting pig sparks gas leak emergency

15 firefighters rushed to a property in Victoria, Australia on Tuesday night following reports of a gas leak. What they found instead was a 120-ki…