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The Bonnacon’s Primary Defense Was a Powerful One

According to medieval legend, the land that is modern day Macedonia was home to a ferocious beast. The bonnacon, when attacked, could spray extremely caustic excrement at a range of 291 feet. Medieval naturalists often relied on this description by Roman author Pliny the Elder: In Pæonia, it is said, there is a wild animal known [...]

If Mary Blair Drew Game of Thrones Maps

Winterfell never seemed so cheerful before Kitkat Pecson got her hands on it. I don’t know about you guys, but I think they should re-do it’s a small world to tell the tale of A Song of Ice and Fire. Link Via io9

Beavis and Butt-Head in Real Life Are Horrifying

Huhhhh. Huhhhh. This is stupid. But cool. Special effects artist Kevin Kirkpatrick created realistic busts of the titular characters of Beavis and Butt-Head. Let’s look at the other photos at the link, then set them on fire. Link | Kirkpatrick’s MySpace Page

Fire-Breathing Pokémon Cake

The design of this Charmander cake is simple, but effective. When lit and seen from above, it looks like the Pokémon is actually breathing fire. Link via Geekologie | Photos: My Food Looks Funny

An Idiot Abroad: Karl Pilkington Visits China

From his comedy series “An Idiot Abroad,” here’s Karl Pilkington’s experience in China, in which he learned Chinese pronunciation, kung fu, fire massage (yes, you read that right – he got set on fire). Link [embedded YouTube clip] I dare say that Karl has probably got the best job on TV.