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Man’s missing finger found inside fish

One of the fingers lost by a wakeboarder in an accident has turned up months later inside a trout. 31-year-old Hans Galassi had been wakeboarding on P…

Miniature Food Sculpture Rings

Etsy seller SouZou Creations makes fancy, elaborate meals very portable. Her tiny polymer clay food sculptures slip right onto your fingers. Several of her works, including this steak platter, include elements that appear to be suspended in midair. Link -via My Modern Met

Boy finds 30-year-old human fingers in jar

A schoolboy in France has unearthed an old jar containing several well-preserved severed fingers. The boy’s dad contacted local police who were able t…

Cuban man has 24 digits

Yoandri Hernandez Garrido has 6 perfectly formed fingers on each hand and 6 perfect toes on each foot. Far from being a hindrance, Hernandez claims th…

15-year-old girl receives bionic fingers

Chloe Holmes is the youngest person in Europe to receive the artificial fingers costing £38,000. Chloe lost all the fingers on her left hand to septic…

Tapping Fingers Automaton

(Video Link) Sometimes, tapping your fingers in bored frustration doesn’t really seem to make time more forward at a faster clip. This hand-cranked automaton by Etsy seller automatonman will probably help. Link -via Technabob

Woman Orgasm Heaven with Your Tongue

Woman with Your Tongue Bring Her to Orgasm Heaven with Your TonguePleasing a woman in bed and bringing her to orgasm is what every man aims to achieve during lovemaking. In order to please a woman in bed, you need to understand her needs and desire.Oral sex is physically better for a woman than fingering. [...]

World’s first bionic fingers unveiled

Scientists at Livingston based Touch Bionics have unveiled the ProDigits, the world’s first bionic fingers. It is hoped that the motor-powered…

Man proves he has world’s strongest fingers

A kung fu master from China has been recognised in the Guiness Book of Records as having the world’s strongest fingers, he can stand upside down a…

Tapping Fingers

Fingers tapping on the tabletop are something you usually want to get rid of instead of something to reproduce. Nik Ramage, on the other hand, created a copy of his own hand with a motor that taps the fingers incessantly. His purpose is not clear, but it might make a cool Halloween prop. Link