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The Five Most Hated Styles Of Moustache

Movember, aka when guys use charity as an excuse to grow a sad little patch of hair on their upper lips, is quickly drawing to a close, but before it goes let’s explore the five most hated types of moustache. There’s the Hitler stache, Porn stache, Pube stache (as worn by Michael Cera above), Lady stache [...]

Calculation Aid Tattoo

Zach lost a finger and didn’t want to have to take off a shoe to count to ten. So he got Kirk Nilsen of the Crown & Anchor Tattoo Parlor in Point Pleasant, New Jersey to ink this helpful replacement. Link | Artist’s Website

Ditology: Fun Finger Pictures of Famous People

I pity the fool who doesn’t check out these playful finger images by Dito Von Tease. In his project Ditology, the Italian artist with the funny nom de plume (Dito means finger in Italian) [...]

What If Wall-E And EVE Were Made For War

There’s something different about Wall-E and EVE but I just can’t seem to put my finger on it… Oh wait, that’s what it is- they’re now armed to the teeth like a couple of war machines! DeviantARTist SgtHK wasn’t content with letting the robotic lovers live their lives in peace, so he decked them out for an [...]

E.T. Hand

E.T. Hand – $24.95 Father’s Day is June 17th. Don’t just phone home. Get your geeky Dad a gift he will really love. Get him the E.T. Hand from the NeatoShop. This great prop replica of E.T.’s hand has a light-up finger. The finger glows when pressed. Warning: Dad may still try to talk you into pulling [...]

Severed Finger in Arby’s Sandwich

Oh, Arby’s. When Ryan Hart, 14, bit into an Arby’s roast beef sandwich last week, he got a bit more than he bargained for. The "bonus" meat was a severed finger! Steve Hall, environmental health [...]

Dead Snake Bites Man

A 41-year-old homeless man in Mobile, Alabama was treated with antivenom after he was bitten by a decapitated cottonmouth. A friend of the man described the incident. “I saw it swimming down along the creek and everything. And, I ran down and hit it with the machete and killed it and brought it up. He picked the [...]

“In order to cut off my anger, I’m cutting off my finger and giving it to you”

Well, this certainly puts a different spin on "giving someone the finger." In her book Wayward Women: Sexuality and Agency in a New Guinea Society, anthropologist Holly Wardlow recounted how the Huli natives of Papua [...]

Blinking Eyeball Rings

In retrospect, I think that I made an inferior choice when selecting my wife’s engagement ring. But then these rings developers at Keio University in Japan were not available at the time. [Yes, it's clearly an engagement ring. Observe: third finger, left hand.] The PYGMY robot rings blink according to different settings, including voice recognition, finger activity [...]

The Curious Case of the Aye-Aye’s Middle Finger

The aye-aye, an odd-looking lemur indigenous to Madagascar, has a very unusual extra-long middle finger that it uses to forage for food. Scientists have discovered that the unusual finger is even more unusual, as the [...]