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Star Trek: The Next Generation Quiet Book

Children are never too young to be properly introduced to Star Trek, and a crafter named Julie Bell is getting her kids off to the right start. She’s made a cloth book filled with age-appropriate activities that introduce the Enterprise-D crew and life onboard. Pictured above is a zippered turbolift door that opens to reveal [...]

Narwhal Finger Puppet

Narwhal Finger Puppet – $0.95 Was your favorite childhood pastime pretending to be a Narwhal? Now you can relive your youth with the fabulous Narwhal Finger Puppet from the NeatoShop. Pop a couple onto your hand and let these magical unicorns of the sea transport you to simpler times. Narwhal Finger Puppets are sold per piece. Be [...]

Scientist Finger Pupppets and Magnets

Adorn your refrigerator with these cute scientist finger puppets and magnets ($5.95) from the NeatoShop … or we’ll just have to ask Nikola Tesla (shown above) to experiment on his death ray with you! Link