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Zombies vs Trick-Or-Treaters

I know the feeling. Come Halloween, I am not sure which I feel more connected to- my brain or my candy. Fine, fine, you’re right. Take the brain but leave me my Rolos and Caramel Apple Pops. -Via Tastefully Offensive

David Chambon’s Dew-Covered Insects

Like Ondrej Pakan, David Chambon takes amazing pictures of ordinary insects covered with fine layers of dew. They don’t seem to mind a bit. Photographer’s Website -via Colossal

Taco Belle

“Fine! Then go ahead and starve! If she doesn’t eat with me, then she doesn’t eat at all!” Belle eventually changed her mind. She would regret that decision a couple hours later. -via That’s Nerdalicious!

How the French Revolution Gave Birth to the Restaurant Business

The next time you’re at your favorite cafe, raise a glass to the aristocrats who lost their heads so that you could enjoy your foie gras. France gave birth to restaurants, but it was no civilized affair. In fact, today’s restaurant business is actually a byproduct of the class warfare that arose during the French Revolution. Back [...]

Banana Chair

I, for one, fine the Banana Chair by Polish design studio WamHouse very a-peel-ing. Hah! Technabob has more pics: Link

Elders React To Nyan Cat

(YouTube Link) Elders React To… is an adorable new web series by The Fine Brothers that shows senior citizens commenting and reacting to viral videos. This is one hip trip to the old folks home, and these seniors don’t hold back when asked how they feel about Nyan Cat, or how much grass people must have to [...]

Roach, R.I.P.

He was a fine bug: a devoted family man with over two hundred children. His loss was a shock to us all. The Carmichael Collective in Minneapolis marked the passing of this roach by setting up a little memorial to him where they found his body on the sidewalk. It’s one of several bug memorials that [...]

Rejected Star Wars Promotional Merchandise

Yes, your soda is just fine. In fact, it’s in perfect hibernation. This refrigerator is one of many rejected Star Wars/Pepsi merchandising concepts by Jason Geyer including Bantha slippers, an AT-AT chair caddy and a Jedi mood ring. Link -via blastr P.S. You can find real Star Wars merchandise at the NeatoShop.

Batman Nesting Dolls

Katya Malakhova of St. Petersburg, Russia made these fine wooden nesting dolls. As a follow-up, I suggest a series showing the different Robins, from Dick Grayson to Damian Wayne. Link (warning: main site has nudes) -via Nag on the Lake

The 25 Most Awkward Cat Sleeping Positions

These sleeping positions may be awkward to us, but cats are liquid, so they settle in just fine anywhere. The real reason you should check out this collection of cat pictures is because they are both funny and adorable. LinkĀ