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Portraits Painted On Floppy Disks By Nick Gentry

Nick Gentry has a found a good use for those stacks of leftover 3.5 inch floppy disks- he puts them all together and paints a portrait on top. It’s a fusion of technojunk and fine art, which seems to be Nick’s favorite form of recycling (see his previous Neatorama entry HERE), and since we tech obsessed [...]

Disturbing Works From The History Of Art

Paintings are often viewed for their illustrative value, and the stories behind the images are either speculated about or left up to individual interpretation. But this list of disturbing works leaves nothing to the imagination, and the stories behind these paintings can be downright sick! Read for yourself what these paintings are really all about, you may [...]


(YouTube link) Watch the video to see Sugru display its potential to hack everyday items (and make fine art sculptures using toasters too.) The company website has some interesting suggestions for using the claylike substance, such as attaching an umbrella to the side of a lawn chair. Link -via Design Sponge | See it used to make [...]


(vimeo link) An animated short film about a man with an appetite for fine art, by ChezEddy. (via Metafiler)