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How To Prepare For a Job Interview

Got a job interview? Are you anxious? Here’s a little mind trick that you can do to prepare yourself, courtesy of Lumberjack Films and Star Wars. Geeks Are Sexy has the clip: Link [YouTube]

The Manliest Swordfights in Film

In the mood for some action movies this weekend? Ranker has some suggestions for killer swordfighting films. Yeah, we all know they are choreographed down to the inch, but some films do it so well that you can suspend your disbelief and wait for one or the other combatant to triumph over his nemesis. Check [...]

11 Hilarious Behind The Scenes Movie Photos

The magic of movies is the fact that we can suspend our disbelief and actually imagine we are wherever the movie takes place, whether in the past or a completely imaginary realm. That’s why these great behind the scenes pictures of famous films are so fun to look at. Enjoy more over at BuzzFeed. Link

The Hare and the Tortoise

(YouTube link) The 1947 version Aesop’s fable, produced by Encyclopedia Brittanica Films. Link -via Nag on the Lake

Angry Birds as a Horror Flick

For G4 Films Epictober Film Festival, Gregg Bishop turned the popular game Angry Birds into a horror flick worthy of Alfred Hitchcock. See the video clip (along with a couple other videogame-inspired clips) over [...]

A Character’s Awful Realization

(College Humor link) In most films, the audience knows who is going to survive way before the plot makes it obvious. It takes the characters a little longer to figure out how important they are. -via Buzzfeed

5 Movies That Would’ve Been Infinitely Better With Sharks

Yeah, I know, every time a movie set on (or in) the ocean comes along, you hope to see sharks. They add quite a bit of suspense to any situation! Next Movie has posters for five ocean films that would have been improved if there had been sharks lurking about. You’ve seen one; now go [...]

Movie Titles in Movies: Part Deux

In a lot of films there is that moment where a character actually says the name of the movie. This can either be cool or lame depending on the context. Now here are 110 titles being said in the film in 159 seconds. Which is your favorite title being said in a movie? Link

Patton Oswalt in a Five-Second Film

(Video Link) The people of 5-Second Films try to tell fairly complete stories in only five seconds. The results are usually hilarious. Their most recent project stars none other than Patton Oswalt. Link -via reddit

Name These Five Final Frames

Here’s a fun blog that’s been posting the final images from films. I thought it might be a hoot if we see how many of our readers can guess which image is from which movie. Let’s start with five and see what happens! (I’ll check back in later and post the answers.) ONE: TWO: THREE: FOUR: FIVE: