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Direct Permalinks for Google Drive

If you’ve every researched Internet-based data storage, you’re probably familiar with Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive, and other similar services. Google recently threw their hat into the ring by merging Google Docs into their new service, Google Drive, which is maybe the most inexpensive cloud storage available and even provides 5 GB for free. While uploading years [...]

What Eddie Campbell’s Daughter Drew While He Worked On From Hell

The seminal graphic novel From Hell featured a superstar collaboration between Eddie Campbell and Alan Moore, and while the duo worked away on this dark saga Eddie’s daughter Hayley, who was 7 years old at the time, had her own project in the works-The Ripper File. Full of grisly ways to meet one’s end, yet softened by [...]

This Just In: Seal Pups Are Adorable

(Video Link) File under the most obvious headlines ever…but just look at how cute these little buggers are. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

Tweet Like One Of The Mad Men

File this device under unique and useless, perfect fodder for blog posts! The device is the one and only analog Twitter client, Tweephone, and you must use the rotary dial to enter the letters, one turn at a time just like the old days. If you have money to burn and love to Tweet then your [...]

Photo Data Makes It A Snap To See What They Did

One of the most amazing things about digital photography is that each image is also a file, storing the information contained in each shot along with the photo, so you can load it up and see aperture settings, shutter speed, ISO, etc. any time you want. Do you want to become a better photographer? Just find [...]

Ski Mask Self-Portrait

Last year, we featured Andrew Salomone’s portrait of Bill Cosby in Jello shots. More recently, he used an electronic knitting machine to make a self-portrait in the form of a ski mask: The balaclava is knit from cotton yarn and the design is from a bitmap file, in which pictures of my head from every angle [...]

The Police Are Hot on Your Heels

File under feel-good law enforcement post of the day- these fantastic high heeled shoes. Design by Tim Cooper, also available in Lamborghini for fun chase scenes. Link

New Zealand UFO papers to be made public

New Zealand are preparing to release hundreds of secret military UFO documents to the public this year. The file cover the period from 1979 to 1984 an…