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Rolling Stones Albums Ranked From Worst to Best

The Rolling Stones have been together for fifty years and have released 25 albums. It couldn’t have been easy for Nerve to rank them all, but I cannot argue with their #1 pick. However, I personally would have placed Exile on Main Street a little higher than #10. Link -via Flavorwire

50 Main Street

Falah Khatib, Newark, Delaware Do you live on 50 Main Street, Anytown, USA? Then you’re part of a unique but very diverse slice of America. Italian-born photographer Piero Ribelli spent six years criss-crossing the country to interview and [...]

Fifty Farts Playing Cards

  Fifty Farts Playing Cards – $7.95 Are you looking for a fun way to pass the time?  You need the Fifty Farts Playing Cards set from the NeatoShop. Now you can learn all about the taxonomy of the rectal expulsion of gas products all while playing a fantastic game of solitaire. The best part? Increasing your [...]

The Letter That Brought Toilets to Indian Trains

For more than fifty years after the formation of the Indian Railways in 1857, there was one crucial element that was missing on the nation’s trains: toilets. Passengers had to wait till till the stations to answer the call of nature, [...]

50th anniversary of first abduction case

Fifty years ago Betty and Barney Hill had an encounter that would put them in the history books. The hills had been driving in New Hampshire’s White M…

Chinese Magical Hard-Drive

Just like eating fifty cent tacos, sometimes paying less for something isn’t always a good idea. Such is the lesson that some folks have learned buying bargain priced 500GB hard drives from China that turn out not to be a lot less than what they appear. It’s a 128-MB flash-drive. Working in a “looped” mode – [...]

World custard pie championship

Fifty competitors have been clowning about in the 43rd world custard pie championships in Kent.Teams at the event, in the village of Coxheath near Maidstone, were given maximum points for throwing a pie squarely into their opponents’ faces.Judges also awarded up to five points for the most original and amusing throwing techniques.This year’s champions were [...]

Dangerous Things Kids Should Do

With today’s paranoia of terrorists, child molesters and more, kids are missing more and more opportunities to go out, have fun and well…be kids. To fight this, a new parenting mentality has started to arise, arguing that kids should go outside to play rough, even if it means getting a few scrapes and bruises along [...]

Antarctica Facts

Fifty years ago today, twelve nations signed The Antarctic Treaty, regulating research activity, economic exploitation, and territorial claims in Antarctica. To mark this occasion, Annie C. Lee of Fast Company has compiled eleven interesting facts about the frozen continent: 3. Antarctica’s biggest population center is the U.S.-operated McMurdo Station. In the summer, the community can swell [...]

Woman Hires Cherry Picker to Rescue Bird

A 13-year-old macaw flew fifty feet up into a tree and was too scared to fly down. Emma Hooper of Botley, England believes that Cleo flew away because she was distressed at moving to a new home. When the RSPCA refused to come, Hooper called to rent a hydraulic lift, but was told it wouldn’t [...]