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World Record Guinea Pig Jump

(YouTube link) A guinea pig in Rosyth, Fife, Scotland, named Truffles took a leap into the record books in front of Guinness-appointed witnesses, his 13-year-old owner Chloe Macari, and her scout troop. Truffles jumped for neither fame nor fortune, but for his favorite snack, cucumber. The jump was measured at 30 centimeters, which was 10 centimeters [...]

Remembering the People of Mayberry

The Andy Griffith Show (TAGS) premiered on television on October 3rd, 1960. That means Sunday will mark the show’s 50th anniversary! There are events scheduled all over the country (and on TV) to celebrate this milestone. In the series’ eight-year run, we got to know the residents of Mayberry as if they were our own [...]

World’s Biggest Bowl Of Porridge

A new world record for the biggest bowl of porridge has been set at the annual Cupar Highland Games in Fife.The huge breakfast of 690 litres of porridge which was cooked up could feed 2,000 people and was more than double the existing record.Local firefighters added water from their fire engine to 80kg of oats, [...]

The Sherlock Holmes Handbook: The “Real” Sherlock Holmes

All this week I’m posting excerpts from my new book, The Sherlock Holmes Handbook, available in a cute little hardback edition from Amazon and bookstores everywhere. Today I wanted to highlight one of the book’s many “sidebar” chapters, which examine Holmes’ world — 19th century London — and that of his creator, Arthur Conan Doyle. [...]