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Can insects reach the size of humans ?

Giant insects have been featured in science fiction films for years, but how big can they actually get ? Researchers aren’t exactly sure what limits t…

Mythbusters Takes on Titanic

The TV show Mythbusters tested James Cameron’s version of Titanic. Never mind that the movie was a work of fiction, this is important stuff! The issue came up when, 15 years after the movie was released, the internet questioned why Jack died instead of climbing onto the floating piece of wood with Rose, which appeared [...]

William Gibson: Sci-Fi Writers Are Almost Always Wrong in Predicting the Future and That’s Actually a Good Thing

Photo: Jason Redmond/Wired "The thing that Neuromancer predicts as being actually like the internet isn’t actually like the internet at all!" exclaims William Gibson, the famous science fiction author whose novel is synonymous [...]

A Collection Of Hilarious SciFi Costumes

Here’s a collection of science fiction themed Halloween costumes that will make you laugh both at and with them, and may inspire you to create a goofy costume of your own. Some of the costumes in this gallery may result in chortling, guffawing and a tickling sensation in the ribs, so beware the funny! Link

10 Fantastic Comedies Based on True Stories

While truth is stranger than fiction, it can also be ridiculous. Some of the strangest premises for comedies came from actual stories, like the film It Could Happen to You. Originally titled “Cop Tips Waitress $2M,” in the style of the New York tabloids that became fascinated by the tale, Andrew Bergman’s 1994 romantic comedy was [...]

Rare & Wonderful 1950s Space Art

“QUANTUM SHOT” #778 Link – article by Avi Abrams This Art Truly Makes “The Ether Vibrate” It’s been some time since our last Retrofuture Space Art update, and today we are going to treat you to the rarest of the rare, the most spectacular 1950s space art that we could unearth [...]

Famous Novelists on Symbolism in Their Work and Whether It Was Intentional

It was 1963, and 16-year-old Bruce McAllister was sick of symbol-hunting in English class. Rather than quarrel with his teacher, he went straight to the source: McAllister mailed a crude, four-question survey to 150 novelists, asking if they intentionally planted symbolism in their work. Seventy-five authors responded. Here’s what 12 of them had to [...]

Ten Superior Psychopaths

Superior psychopaths? The only place psychopaths could be described that way would be in fiction. And so it is, since the only way we can enjoy a psychopath is when we know they can do no real harm. Pajiba has a list of those TV characters that fascinate us because there are no limits to [...]

Kitty Lit 101

Tired of the classics? Instantly rejuvenate boring fiction by adding feline. I mean, you’ve got to hand it to I Can Haz Cheezburger and Comediva – they know that LOL cats are like catnip [...]

These Sci-Fi Inspired Illustrations Are Electrifying

Inspired by circuit boards, science fiction and the finest graphic artists of the 1980s, illustrator Kilian Eng creates space-age art with a psychedelic edge. See how beautiful man-machine synergy can truly be, in glorious colors full of electric life. Link –via Flavorwire