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Cable Not Working? Blame A Squirrel

I don’t know about you guys, but I am always having issues with my cable signal. While I always assumed it was the old wiring in my home, it turns out it might be caused by squirrels who apparently love the taste of fiber optic goodness. A recent study has shown that around 17% of all [...]

Fiber Optic Cables

(YouTube link) Bill Hammock, the Engineer Guy, explains how fiber optic cables work. I, for one, am amazed that glass can be spun thin enough to be flexible, and that light can travel through it around bends and corners. -Thanks, Bill!

History of the U.S.: Al Gore Really Did “Take the Initiative in Creating the Internet”

While it was a bold claim, “took the initiative in creating” is not the same as “invented.” The latter summons up images of Gore writing equations in a white lab coat, laying fiberoptic cable in a hardhat, and sharing a cup of tea with a house wife while explaining how to use e-mail; the former [...]