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Math Proves That Bieber Fever is One of the Most Contagious Diseases Ever

Inset photo: Georges Biard/Wikimedia Commons Did your adolescent daughter just got Bieber fever? Well, don’t blame yourself. Mathematicians have just proven that Justin Bieber is one of [...]

Spider Man Cake Is Pretty Amazing

I’m a certified cake-o-holic, so when I feel like a cake is too pretty to eat it either means I’m running a fever, or the cake is truly a work of art. Enter the newest batter and fondant sculptural masterpiece, an Amazing Spider Man cake that definitely lives up to the hype. It’s shaped like my [...]

Manhood in the Mirror

Dr. ZDogg and Dr. Harry are physicians and comedians who bring you medical advice that you can laugh at, or entertainment that might save your life. They’ve produced several musical videos on subjects ranging from a doctor’s workday to STDs. One in particular instructs men on how to check for testicular cancer. The video made [...]

Oscar Best Picture Nominees in LEGO

Got Oscar fever yet? If you can’t hardly wait, feast your eyes on these first. Here are some LEGO recreations of this year’s Academy Awards Best Picture nominees by Alex Eylar: Link Previously on Neatorama: Oscar Fun Facts

Scanning for Fever

You’ll be on video at Narita International Airport in Tokyo, but not for security purposes. An infrared camera scans incoming international passengers looking for people who may have a fever! Those who show signs of a fever are interviewed and may be given medical treatment. Link (image credit: Lazlo Thoth)