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Introducing our New Halloween Blog

Image: Anthony22/Wikipedia Halloween is my favorite holiday so it’s my pleasure to introduce our new Halloween blog here on Neatorama called Batty for Halloween. As you might’ve guessed, this new blog is dedicated to [...]

Awesome Snacks & Drinks For Enjoying Shark Week

I know I urged you all to support a switch to Bear Week yesterday, but that’s not to say I don’t enjoy Shark Week. I particularly enjoy festivities of any kind when they are paired with delicious themed drinks and snacks. If you feel the same way, then be sure to enjoy these great food [...]

World’s Smallest Functional Steam Train

It was during festivities to commemorate the opening of the new JR Nada station. The railway (around 100 meters long) was build in parallel with the Hanshin railway next to Iwaya park and people (mainly parents with their children) were taking ride on it. The locomotive was really tinyI did try (using google) to find [...]