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‘Psychic’ ferret to predict Euro results

Ukraine organisers have revealed their answer to Paul the psychic octopus – Fred the psychic ferret. The peculiar reliance on an animal to predict mat…

Ferret-Down-Trousers – Something That I Hoped Wasn’t Real

From the Yes, This Really Happens Department, I bring you the terrifying sport-slash-torture-ritual of Ferret Legging, also known as “put ‘em down” and the much more descriptive “ferret-down-trousers.” Yes, folks, here’s how it works: you get yourself some ferrets, you open your trousers, and you place the ferret in the trousers. The [...]

Lord of The Rings/Star Wars Cross Over

DeviantArt user Ferret42’s Speedking of Angmar is a seamless blend of two of the greatest movie epics to ever grace the silver screen. Fantasy and sci-fi have never gone so well together. Link

The Late Movies: Ferret Frenzy

A pet ferret is a laugh a minute. More than one pet ferret means constant giggles for as long as you can stand them! Extreme Ferrets Ferret Bath Ferret on a Treadmill Whack-a-Ferret Ferrets on a Trampoline Ferrets in Snow Ferret Tricks Ferret vs. Kitten Ferret and a Lion