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The Story Behind the Famous Arrow in the FedEx Logo

In our previous On the Origin of Success post about how FedEx founder gambled his last $5,000 in Las Vegas to stave off bankruptcy, we pointed out that the FedEx logo has the famous [...]

FedEx: Founder Gambled His Last $5,000 at a Blackjack Table to Stave Off Bankruptcy

See the hidden arrow in the FedEx logo? Fred Smith, then an undergraduate at Yale University, wrote a paper for an economics class that proposed overnight delivery service in which one carrier is responsible for a piece of cargo from pick-up through [...]

Box Dominoes

(YouTube link) A Canada goose ships a gift to a puppy in America by FedEx. This is illustrated with an overly-complicated domino fall using boxes in this extended ad from FedEx Canada. -via the Presurfer

Fun With Famous Logos

Have you sent a package via FedEx recently? If so, you might have noticed that that image above is not their logo. It’s actually the UPS logo reimagined as that of their biggest competitor. If you didn’t notice that right away, don’t beat yourself up. You’re probably just a busy person. Why not just slow things [...]

Marooned: The Art of Being Shipwrecked

Are you sick and tired of finding yourself washed up on glitzy beaches and modern shores? Are you constantly being cast away on so-called “desert islands” that happen to come equipped with a Starbucks and a McDonalds? Well, if you’re longing for the good old days, when a shipwrecked individual had to roll up his [...]