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Glenn Beck vs. Jon Stewart: The FCC Complaint Quiz

Every year, the Federal Communications Commission receives hundreds of thousands of complaints about alleged violations of their rules against “obscene, indecent, or profane programming.” Through the Freedom of Information Act, it’s possible to get copies of these complaints, with the names and address of the complainants redacted. We’ve put together a few complaints the FCC has [...]

The 411 on 911: A Brief and Incomplete Timeline

Pre-1869 A HEARSE WITH NO NAME Long before ambulances hit the scene, hearses served as the first responders to emergencies. The people who decide if a critically-injured patient goes to the hospital or the morgue are, for the most part, funeral directors and morticians. 1869 DOCTORS GET ON BOARD New York City’s Bellevue Hospital becomes the first hospital [...]

A Brief History of Closed Captioning

Whether you’ve encountered its unmistakable white text on black background at the gym, in a bar, or on the couch, you’re familiar with closed captioning. Here’s a brief history of the technology that has provided a (mostly accurate) transcript of television programming for nearly 40 years. Television captioning begins – with Julia Child The nation’s first captioning [...]