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Archive: October 2012

Huge Off-Highway Road Trains All set to conquer the Moon, Mars (almost!) Crazy Logistics: People Trying to Do Things (Funny Pics) Incredible Feats of Strength and Imagination! Unusual and Fascinating Coins & Currency, Part 2 Coins with pieces of the Moon in them! Monstrous, Angelic, Unusual Bridge Sculptures Griffins, trolls, hamsters of all sorts “Tatra” Car & Other Aerodynamic Marvels, Part 2 Futuristic Shape [...]

Steam Train Transformer

LinkScroll down for today’s pictures & links. Steam Train Transformer Made by Dandeentremont – watch it in High Definition. Some images of the train are here and here. Link Today’s pictures & links: Love at the First Blast: (cover for “Imagination Stories”, June 1953 – see more) ———— World’s Tallest Building Planned for Rome in 1939 Not only Hitler and Stalin (see the article [...]

On the Blessed Origins of Festivus

While Seinfeld might have popularized Festivus (A Holiday for the Rest of Us!), the Costanza clan’s strange celebration of choice actually existed long before the show. The holiday, which features a stark aluminum pole instead of a Christmas tree, “The Airing of Grievances” where complaints are voiced about friends that have wronged you, and “The [...]