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Archaeopteryx and its Feathers

Ryan Carney and his colleagues at Brown University released a scientific paper on the feathers of the Archaeopteryx today. Carney celebrated by having an Archaeopteryx feather tattooed on his arm, thereby gaining himself an entry in Carl Zimmer’s science tattoo collection. But what about the Archaeopteryx? The first fossil of Archaeopteryx was a single feather–the one [...]

Watch A Swimming Feather Starfish

(Video Link) The feather starfish may be pretty just sitting there, but when it starts swimming, that’s when it’s true beauty shines. In fact, it’s downright hypnotic. Via I Am Bored

Dalek with Zipper Compartment

Orata at Feather and Fan made this knit dalek with a zippered compartment in the front, where the dalek can stash a knitted Kaled mutant (or some other other freakish being). The knitting pattern is included in the post. Link -via Rue The Day

Hammer and Feather Drop on the Moon

In 1971, astronaut David Scott conducted Galileo’s famous hammer/feather drop experiment on the moon, during the Apollo 15 mission. Galileo had concluded that all objects, regardless of mass, fall at the same speed — however, the resistance caused by the air (as in the case of the feather in Earth’s atmosphere) can cause the feather [...]