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Elephant learns how to speak Korean

An elephant in Korea has learned how to imitate human speech with words such as ‘hello’ and ‘good’. The feat is all the more remarkable because elepha…

David Blaine undertakes ‘electrifying’ stunt

American illusionist and stuntman David Blaine has started his latest feat of endurance in New York. Having previously made headlines with stunts that…

World Mosaic Made with App Logos

This world map is a pretty neat little feat of graphic art, as it is built of tiny images of app logos. But it is also interactive, so you can click on each logo at the linked site and be taken to the company that produces the particular application. I can’t say whether the apps [...]

LEGO Superman Actually Scrolls across the TV Sreen

How did Rod Gillies accomplish this feat? He used LEGO bulldozer treads to operate the scrolling skyline. They alternate between one and two-brick widths to give the assembly flexibility. Link -via Make

Golden Textile Made From Spiders Silk

There’s an amazing collaboration between man and insect on display at the Art Institute of Chicago, a cloth woven purely from the silk of over a million Golden Orb spiders. This magnificent textile, naturally golden in color and seemingly imbued with it’s own luminescence, took over four years to make after eighty gatherers spent five [...]

Sistine Chapel built using Rubik’s Cubes

In a grounbreaking feat 11 people took 400 hours to recreate The Hand of God out of Rubik’s Cubes. Most daunting of all is the fact that each cube had…

Soviet surgeon removed own appendix

In an incredible feat of courage and skill a surgeon in the 1960s removed his own appendix in Antarctica. Leonid Rogozov was stationed in 1961 at a Ru…

Matt Moniz 50 States Peaks in 50 Days

If all goes according to plan, late today 12-year-old Matt Moniz will reach the summit of Mauna Kea, Hawaii’s highest point at 13,796 feet.While this is quite a feat in and of itself, when Matt reaches the top of that inactive volcano, he will have topped off another amazing feat: having climbed the 50 highest [...]

Nutrition Facts Labels for Songs

Before you download the next pop hit from iTunes, check whether it is hazardous to your health. A teen panel working with the Boston Public Health Commission has set up a “nutrition facts label” rating (like that seen on food items) for songs: “Music, like food, can feed our brains and give us energy,” said Casey [...]