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Why do we fear snakes and spiders ?

Humans are believed to have evolved the innate ability to both sense and fear spiders and snakes. Many people have an excessive fear of snakes or larg…

Cure for Spider Phobia

Afraid of spider? You’re not alone – arachnophobia or fear of spiders is very common (it’s been estimated that more than half of women in the Western world are afraid of spiders to some [...]

Surreal Figural Paper Sculptures By Vally Nomidou

These strange sculptures by Vally Nomidou would make great props for the Silent Hill video game franchise, or as freaky figural works made by a deranged serial killer in a horror flick. Or maybe they look ethereal and absolutely gorgeous, so delicate that the people setting them up for display hold their breath out of fear [...]

A New Twist in the Sad Saga of Little Albert

A few years ago we linked to the sad story of Little Albert, an infant who was a psychological test subject in John B. Watson’s experiment on fear. He conditioned the child to be afraid of rats, a fear which generalized to all furry animals. At the time, we said no one knew what happened [...]

This Snake Can Send You Back Through Puberty

A lot of people afraid of snakes and the fear makes total sense, even if most snake bites aren’t lethal. As it turns out, they can actually send you back through your adolescence. At least, the Russell’s pit viper’s bite can give you symptoms that mimic the loss of puberty. From io9: “What distinguishes [Russell's Viper [...]

The First Science Fiction Movie Filmed in Space

Video game entrepreneur Richard Garriott took a camera with him during his recent stay on the International Space Station. He and the astronauts put it to good use by filming a short film called Apogee of Fear. In this gripping story, the inhabitants of the ISS discover that too much oxygen is being consumed to [...]

Remixed Images of Haunted House Photos

Pictures of scared guests from the Nightmares Fear Factory have been sweeping the net lately, but how many pictures of scared people can you really look at? Fortunately, some people have been taking to remixing the images and the results are hilarious. Link

The 12 Most Venomous Snakes on Earth

The nearly universal human fear of snakes is caused by the minority of them that can kill you. Venomous snakes are found all over the temperate zones of the world. Find out which ones are the most dangerous, and whether they may be near you! Pictured is a small but deadly African snake called the [...]

World’s weirdest phobias revealed

Everyone’s heard of a fear of heights or spiders, but what are some of the lesser known phobias ? Some of the things that people suffer from an irrati…

Bananaphobia: woman terrified for 20 years

23 year-old Paula Ross has been absolutely terrified of the yellow fruit for her whole life. Her fear was so extreme that she couldn’t even stand bein…