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The Skinny on the Fatty Arbuckle Trial

Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle was a million-dollar movie star in 1921, when there weren’t all that many million dollar movie stars. After a Labor Day weekend party, a young actress named Virginia Rappe was hospitalized and later died. Arbuckle was the prime suspect in her death. The prosecution’s evidence came from the testimony of Maude Delmont, [...]

Stylish Mummies Use Hair Gel

Love your hair gel? How very ancient Egyptian of you! That’s right: researchers have discovered that ancient Egyptians use hair products in life and in death. Microscopy using light and electrons revealed that nine of the mummies had hair coated in a mysterious fat-like substance. The researchers used gas chromatography–mass spectrometry to separate out the different [...]

I Fell in Love at the Apple Store

(YouTube Link) “Apple Store Love Song” is a song by Fatty Spins about meeting a girl/Apple product at a brand store. Although one might think that it was green-screened, it was actually shot at the Apple Store in New York City: This is an original Fatty Spins song, and yes I actually went to the Apple Store [...]