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Ancient map gives clue to fate of lost colony

New examination of a 425-year-old map offers a clue to an enduring mystery – the fate of Roanoke Colony. It’s one of the most enduring mysteries in th…

Pirate Bay Reveals Newest Trend-Downloading Objects For 3D Printing

While technologically inept government officials argue over the fate of our beloved interwebs, and the thought of people sharing data is scrutinized and villainized by those who admittedly “don’t get it”, those who feel that sharing is caring keep searching for new ways, and stuff, to share. Pirate Bay, the website that has gained a notorious [...]

Mounted Plush of Boba Fett Being Devoured by the Sarlacc

Becky Gould made this plush of Boba Fett meeting a well-deserved fate in the bowels of the Sarlacc. It’s one of her contributions to Stitch Wars, an annual exhibition of Star Wars-themed crafts hosted by the Bear and Bird Boutique. Link -via Super Punch | Stitch Wars Information Previously: Sarlacc Throw Pillow

How To Cook Little Blue Men

(Video Link) In honor of the newly released Smurfs movie, which I helped convert to 3d along with many other fine people at Legend 3d, I would like to share with you this informational video on ways to serve Smurfs-for dinner! Watch as embittered little blue guys come to terms with their fate at the hands [...]

A Love Story… In Milk

(vimeo link) Fate threw them together. He was 2%, she was whole. This video was commissioned by Friends of the Earth, a UK organization pushing for more recycling. Link -via Laughing Squid

The Rocky IV 25th Anniversary Quiz

Rocky Balboa vs. the Soviet giant Ivan Drago. The fate of the Cold War rests in his hands. That was 25 years ago already? I guess so! Rocky IV is the subject of today’s Lunchtime Quiz at mental_floss. I guess it was a long time ago -I only got 3 out of 10 correct! Surely [...]

Foolishly Seeking True Love

Foolishly Seeking True Love from Jarrett Lee Conaway on Vimeo. A short, sweet film from Jarrett Lee Conaway about Handsome and Belle, two people that “just might fall in love, if fate doesn’t get in the way first.” With a little help from an omnipresent narrator, they just might.