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Art with Cats

How do you improve artwork of the Old Masters? Add cats! Check out some examples at Benjamin Grelle’s Tumblr blog: Link – via Buzzfeed Now, isn’t Botticelli’s Birth of Venus much better with a fat cat? Previously on Neatorama: Top [...]

Lasagna-Eating Cat is the Real-Life Garfield!

Sofia Atrill’s cat Humphrey is the real life version of the cat comic character Garfield: he eats only lasagna! Just like the character Garfield, Humphrey the cat refuses to eat anything else and consumes three portions of the pasta dish a day. The bizarre obsession started when Humphrey was a kitten and stumbled across a plate of [...]

A Day WITH Cats: A Day Without Cats Counter Protest

Well, today is the day. A week ago, Urlesque blog dared the Interweb to ban posts about cats. Well, that ain’t right – so us Neatorama folks decided to stage a counter protest. To restore the cosmic balance caused by the lack of posts about cats today, we will post about cats, cats, and more [...]