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Olympic Uniforms for the 2012 Opening Ceremonies

When the London Olympics open on July 27th, the Parade of Nations will be our introduction to the 2012 athletes. What each team wears to the Opening Ceremonies is the stuff of much conjecture, drama, pride, gossip, and criticism. Let’s see what some of the teams will be wearing. Ralph Lauren Yesterday, Ralph Lauren unveiled the [...]

NBA Goes Geek Chic

We told you before that it’s popular for defendants to wear hipster glasses in criminal court to appear innocent. Now that fashion trend has found its way into another kind of court, the basketball [...]

Marvel At Superhero Styles From Australian Fashion Week

Fashion design company Romance Was Born unveiled their new line during Australian Fashion Week, and it’s a truly heroic effort! Wearing their love of comic books on their sleeves, RWB’s super powered line actually looks pretty cool, aside from a few ridiculous pieces (see:shirt dress with drawn on pecs and six pack abs). It appears that they’ve [...]


His fashion sense is a bit wibbly-wobbly, but this cosplayer at the recent Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo will impress any Whovian. Who would like to be his next companion? Link -via Fashionably Geek | Photo: adorkablekate

20th Century Styles, According To 1893

The illustrations in this gallery are from a Strand Magazine article from 1893 that was supposed to be a sneak peek of what fashion will look like in the 20th century. The writer even goes so far as to claim that he got these designs from a man who found a book dated 1993 that [...]

The 50 Most Ridiculous Outfits From New York Fashion Week 2012

Okay, so you should be able to tell from the headline that this was a particularly bad year for fashion at the New York Fashion Show. Granted, there are probably at least 10 outfits every year that make people want to break out in fits of laughter, but to have a whopping 50 examples, many of [...]

Fashion Designers Take On Traditional Christmas Trees

If you thought your Christmas tree was outlandish this year, take a gander at these wild and wacky trees, created by some of the world’s top fashion designers. There are trees designed by Gaultier (pictured above), Vuitton, Chanel, Trussardi and Christian Dior, among other fabulous fashion moguls. They take conventional and turn it upside down, creating some [...]

Why the ‘Native’ Fashion Trend Is Pissing Off Real Native Americans

Popular fashion trends come and go in cycles, and once again we are seeing a trend of the “Native American look” in clothing, home furnishings, jewelry, and bedding. Some companies are running into legal trouble over their merchandise, as there are laws and trademark restrictions against products attributed to Native Americans. Even when the letter [...]

Fashion In The Year 2000, According To The 1930s

(YouTube Link) Further proof that the future isn’t as cool, or cheesy according to your taste, as everyone thought it would be. The top fashion designers of the 1930s contributed their idea of 21st century fashion to this newsreel, and I for one am very glad that they were wrong about some things, or else men [...]

9 Vintage Tattoos

Tattoos have been in and out of fashion for thousands of years. While the following photos aren’t nearly that old, they do put some interesting perspective on the kinds of tattoos that were popular during the early-mid 20th century. There are more photos over on, which, if you ask me, seems like a typo. [...]