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Wonderfully Weird Subway Posters

Japan is well-known for its fascination with pop culture icons, which is why it’s not too surprising that even their subway posters feature immediately recognizable characters including Jesus, Superman, Marilyn Monroe and more. The one above reminds commuters not to forget their umbrella. See more at Flavorwire. Link

Ten Thousand Years Older: A Fascinating Short Documentary by Werner Herzog

I’ve long been interested in remote cultures and uncontacted peoples, a fascination I share, apparently, with film director Werner Herzog. Back in 2000, when everyone had millennium fever, he was asked to make a ten-minute short film for a program of shorts called Ten Minutes Older, each of which was to be a meditation on [...]

Woofer: The Anti-Twitter

For those of us who simply don’t get Twitter or are tired of the Web’s fascination with the 140-character microblogging platform, here’s the anti-Twitter. Introducing macroblogging wonder Woofer, where each post has a minimum of 1,400 characters! (And yes, the entire thing is a spoof/homage of Twitter, made by Join the Company) Link – via InventorSpot [...]