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Fart Kontrol

This makes perfect sense to those who drive in Denmark, where fart means speed. Which has English-speaking people expressing interest in watching a certain Sandra Bullock/Keanu Reeves film in Danish. Link

No Farting On The School Bus!

What’s funnier than a fart joke on the Internet? Fart news on the Internet, of course! Here’s a story of how two 13-year-old boys got into a bus-load of trouble when they cut the cheese on the bus: Administrators ruled that the flatulence was in violation of the school’s code of conduct, but if you ask Nichols’ [...]

The Empire Farts Back

Now, look. I’m not normally a guy who would post a fart video on an esteemed website. But guess what, that’s what’s going down. And the reason I’m doing so is that there is a moment in the following fart video that seems to define a new category of fart video, in the same way [...]

Fart Extinguisher

Fart Extinguisher – $8.95 The holidays are filled with family, food, friends, and that person you know who passes large amounts of gas. To help this joyous season stink a little less invest in the the Fart Extinguisher from the NeatoShop. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop’s other fine fun gifts.

The Most Disgusting Jobs in Science

Annalee Newitz of io9 compiled a list of some of the grossest jobs in scientific research, like fart statistician: How do you know when you fart too much? Because gastroenterologists have studied human fart production, figured out what the average number of daily farts should be, and determined that levels above that might indicate a medical [...]

Engineering Students Develop Fart Detector

Behold the blessings of technology: After learning in class how breathalyzers work, Robert Clain and Miguel Salas assembled a fart detector from a sensitive hydrogen sulfide monitor, a thermometer and a microphone and wrote the software that would rate the emission. A “slight perturbance in the air” near the detector sets it to work measuring the [...]