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Farmer Expresses Love for His Wife with 120,000 Pounds of Manure

Dick Kleis, a farmer in Zwingle, Iowa, decided to express his affection for his wife in a way that she would (apparently) appreciate. On the occasion of her birthday, he wrote out “HAP B DAY LUV U” in giant letters made of manure across his field: But Carole Kleis isn’t just any woman — she’s the [...]

Human-Shaped Root

Farmer Zheng Dexun of Langzhong, China dug up a fleeceflower root that looks like a human being right down to the arms, legs, and facial features. It is 62 centimeters tall and weights 5.8 kilograms. Zeng, worried about the consequences of digging it up, put it back in the ground, saying ” don’t know whether [...]

This Little Piggy Gets Warm

Farmer Richard Johnson in Humberside, England, has an effective solution for chilly piglets who can’t grab a spot next to mom … Hit play or go to Link [YouTube]

Real Baby alien found in Mexican farmer

Mexican TV revealed the almost unbelievable story – in 2007, a baby ‘alien’ was found alive by a farmer in Mexico. He drowned it in a ditch out of fear, and now two years later scientists have finally been able to announce the results of their tests on this sinister-looking carcass. At the end of last year [...]

Farmer finds egg inside another egg

A farmer in England was cracking open a boiled egg for breakfast when he discovered another perfectly formed egg inside it, a rare anomaly attribu…