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Please Move The Deer Crossing

A caller to the Playhouse in the Morning show on Y94 radio station in Fargo, North Dakota, called in to complain about how the government is putting deer crossing signs on busy roads. The caller, now known as Donna the Deer Lady, [...]

You Betcha: A “Fargo” Documentary, Yah

“It’s Siberia with family restaurants,” -the Coen brothers explain Minneapolis in this half-hour documentary about their film Fargo. The film, entitled “Minnesota Nice,” explores that eponymous ultra-polite culture of Minnesotans, and how that politeness can be repressive, even leading to violence. Also notable is a discussion of whether the film is entirely fictional [...]

How Tomatoes Lost Their Taste

It’s no secret that supermarket tomatoes are grown for their looks and not for their taste, but how where exactly did growers go wrong in developing taste tomatoes? Science has the answer, and the culprit [...]

There’s a Bank Robber in One of 19 Cars in the Intersection: What Would You Do?

There’s a bank robber in one of 19 cars at an intersection in Aurora, Colorado. Problem was, the police didn’t know exactly which car. So they did something a bit unusual: Police said they had [...]

The Late Movies: Supercuts

A “supercut” is not only a quality haircut from a national chain — it’s a type of video in which all instances of a particular word, phrase, or scenario are placed together, sometimes in sequence. No idea what I’m talking about? Watch on, and prepare for things to get weird. Don Draper Says “What?” This supercut claims [...]

The Late Movies: 8 Character Actors Who Always Steal the Scene

Obviously, these are some of my favorites, and I’ve certainly left lots of worthy actors off this list. If there’s anyone else you wish had made the list, let me know in the comments! Dan Hedaya Best known for his role as Frances McDormand’s vengeful, cuckolded husband in the Coen Brothers’ 1984 classic Blood Simple, Hedaya’s one [...]

4 Historically Significant Flips of a Coin

It’s a 50/50 chance. Many basic decisions are made by flipping a coin every day. There have also been decisions made in the past using this act that have made quite an impact on history. Here are a few of them. Buddy Holly had chartered a plane out of Fargo, North Dakota to fly his band [...]

Pink Snow in Fargo

It’s not a weather anomaly, but an art project. Stevie Famulari used a weed sprayer to paint the snow on her Fargo lawn pink! Famulari is an environmental artist and a landscape architecture professor at North Dakota State University. She changes the color of her snow with each new layer that falls. She plans to paint the [...]