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Final Fantasy With Singing Puppets

(YouTube Link) Comedian Brent Black, aka Brentalfloss, created this puppet video tribute to the Final Fantasy video game franchise, and once you watch it you’ll never be able to get the downright catchy tune out of your head! Singing puppets don’t exactly enhance the Final Fantasy gaming experience, but they do make for a good distraction when [...]

Why Hemingway Used to Dress As A Girl

It sounds almost slanderous to accuse someone as manly as Ernest Hemingway to have ever worn women’s clothing, but it’s true -even if it wasn’t actually his choice. You see, Ernest’s mother always wanted to have twins, so when Ernest was born only 18 months after his older sister, mummy dearest decided that was close [...]

Frank Frazetta’s My Little Pony

Fantasy artist Frank Frazetta died five months before the premier of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. DeviantART member zedew imagined an alternate world in which Frazetta lived long enough to shape the show in the image of his iconic painting The Death Dealer. Since we’re on the topic, let me pose this question to our [...]

Pirate Treasure

It’s a nice fantasy, at least! This Twaggie was illustrated by Joy and Noelle of Twins Are Weird, from a Tweet by @GuyEndoreKaiser. See a new Tweet illustrated every day at Twaggies! Link

Fans Recreate Awkward Pose of Mary Jane from Spider-Man

John’s post about Jim Hines posing as women on the covers of fantasy novels reminded me of this clever bit of Tumblry from last year, where fans re-created Mary Jane’s awkward pose from Spider-Man comics: Link

Dark Crystal:Creation Myths Is A Graphic Novel Prequel

With the Dark Crystal, Jim Henson established a fantasy world rich with culture, character and a history we discover little about during the course of the movie. To me, it always felt like it should have been the last in a trilogy, the grand finale for a storyline that could have spanned generations. If there’s one [...]

Ads For Products From Video Games

This is what advertising would look like if we lived in the fantasy worlds we enjoy vicariously through video games. Products would be marketed towards adventurers and heroes, and the magical would be mundane as ad agencies try to increase sales. My faves are the ads for hair care products featuring Final Fantasy characters and anime [...]

Building a World

Afniel has an intriguing but simple method of drawing fantasy maps starting with absolutely nothing. She presents it as a way to get children interested in cartography, because the results look quite like real maps. Well, it might get an adult interested in world-building as well! The map shown looks a bit like western Europe, [...]

Foodies and Fantasy Novels-The Quest For New Recipes

When fantasy genre and food enthusiast Adam Bruski read the “A Game Of Thrones” novels by George R.R. Martin, he paid close attention to an aspect that i’m sure very few reading the books have even noticed-the amazing sounding recipes. So he has taken it upon himself to recreate the recipes, using only ingredients which [...]

The Time John Fogerty Was Sued for Ripping Off John Fogerty

© Henry Diltz/CORBIS In 1993, former Creedence Clearwater Revival singer John Fogerty found himself at the center of a case being argued before the United States Supreme Court. The country’s highest court wasn’t debating whether Bayou Country or Green River was the superior CCR album. Instead, Fogerty was in the middle of an important, somewhat obscure [...]