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Watch “The Naked Writer” Write, Live (But Not in the Nude)

Most of us who write for a living recoil at the thought of other people (outsiders!) watching us write, live, as it happens — the masses would see not only our terrible typers typos, but also have a way to judge our ultra-slow progress. Most of us don’t write in a gallery with a [...]

Untranslatable Words, Explained with Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels

Anyone who speaks a second language can tell you that there are foreign words that do not have exact translation in English (and vice versa). Sometimes it’s hard work to explain the words, but it can be fun … [...]

Fans Recreate Awkward Pose of Mary Jane from Spider-Man

John’s post about Jim Hines posing as women on the covers of fantasy novels reminded me of this clever bit of Tumblry from last year, where fans re-created Mary Jane’s awkward pose from Spider-Man comics: Link

Fantasy Author Imitates Women’s Poses on the Covers of Fantasy Novels

Jim Hines wanted to show off his body make a statement about the sexist depiction of women on the covers of fantasy novels. So his wife took photos of Hines while he awkwardly posed like the cover girls. Link -via Althouse

Foodies and Fantasy Novels-The Quest For New Recipes

When fantasy genre and food enthusiast Adam Bruski read the “A Game Of Thrones” novels by George R.R. Martin, he paid close attention to an aspect that i’m sure very few reading the books have even noticed-the amazing sounding recipes. So he has taken it upon himself to recreate the recipes, using only ingredients which [...]