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The Sabertooth Vampire

Mike Russell’s comic The Sabertooth Vampire centers around a vampire with fangs that constantly get him into trouble. He has a couple of year’s worth of gags to see! Link -via Buzzfeed

Care Bears In Real Life

There’s something about these Care Bears that’s not quite right. Maybe it’s the massive fangs, or sharp claws, or the fact that the symbol on the bear’s stomach seems to be running. Something tells me these bears don’t want to hug and sing songs! Link

Bite Me Vampire Fangs Bottle Opener

Bite Me Vampire Fangs Bottle Opener – $9.95 Halloween is just around the corner. Are you looking for a spooktacular way to open your favorite beverage? You need the Bite Me Vampire Fangs Bottle Opener from the NeatoShop. This fangstatic metal bottle opener is shaped like a vampire’s fangs. Your friends will be dying to know [...]

Cakes with Teeth

Welcome to my nightmare tonight, o fanged cake. Hi Fructose showcases the latest work of sculptor Scott Hove, whose new series aptly titled "Your Deadly Desserts" is all about cakes with fangs, tongues and [...]

Fanged Frogs Are Highly Evolved

These frogs aren’t going to give up their legs lightly. Species of frog are rapidly evolving adaptations, such as the small fangs they’ve grown, on the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia, and scientists are amazed by how far they’ve come in such a short period of time. One reason is their lack of competition on the [...]