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Batman vs. Wolverine

(Video Link) Batman Délivrance is fan film by Atomic Productions that looks at a chaotic Gotham City, many years after Bruce Wayne hung up his cowl and began drinking. Who will take up Batman’s crusade to save the city? The dialogue is in French, but it’s subtitled in English. via Fanboy

Link to the Future

(Video Link) Quickly! A wormhole will only open if the ocarina is played at 88 beats per minute! This ingenious fan film by Grant Duffrin explains and unites the stories of The Legend of Zelda franchise by suggesting that they are all necessary components of a particular timeline. Doc Brown’s mission is to ensure that Link [...]

Star Trek Fan Film from 1971

(Video Link) Spock has a mustache and sideburns. This wonderfully bad fan film was made by Ray (who I gather is an expert on Betamax recordings) in 1971 for a TV production class at Ohio State University. He used a 1-inch open reel video tape and earned an A- for the project. My vote goes to losing [...]

Superman Classic

(YouTube link) A short fan film by veteran Disney animator Robert Pratt. After the credits, he explains how this cartoon came about. Link -via Metafilter

Star Wars Begins – Part 1

(YouTube link) Jambe Davdar worked for four years on the ultimate Star Wars commentary fan film. Clips from the original trilogy and behind-the-scenes recordings are accompanied by explanations from those involved in the films, with text added when more information is available. Like the trilogy, these commentaries are divided into three parts: Star Wars Begins, Building [...]