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If Game of Thrones Was a Disney Movie

DeviantArt user The-Ez has some great fan art, but of all their great designs, the Game of Thrones creations are some of the most delightful as it would be so fun to imagine them as Disney characters. Link Via The Mary Sue

I Choose You Beaded Pikachu

There’s plenty of Pokemon fan art out there, but this is the only 3D beaded sculpture I’ve seen of the precious little critters. DeviantArt user AgentDoppelnuller has a whole series of beaded Pokemon. Link Via Craftzine

The Doctor in Lightsaber Training

The Doctor normally eschews weapons, but sometimes you need a tool that works on wood. DeviantART user Drombyb has a gallery of impressive Doctor Who fan art, including this crossover idea that we must hide from George Lucas by any means necessary. Link -via Nerd Approved

Community Takes On Star Wars

I know we’ve featured a lot of Community fan art already, but this “Return of the Group” take on Star Wars is simply too good to resist. Link Via Geeks Are Sexy

When Community Goes Mutant

After all the fan movements to save the show, some artists are celebrating with Community-inspired fan art. While there are a bunch out there, this X-Men one might just be the best I’ve seen so far. Link Via The Mary Sue

15 Awesome (or Awesomely Bizarre) Christmas Cards

Most store-bought Christmas cards feature Santa and his reindeer, Christmas trees or religious iconography. Here are some people who went in another direction. 1. Murphy’s Law is in full effect around the holidays. Here, Michael Herb manages to emphasize this sentiment by showing just how wrong a Christmas photo can go. 2. The weirdest family Christmas card [...]

11 Lists of 11

In case you weren’t obsessively refreshing yesterday, here’s what you missed from our 11 lists extravaganza: 1. How to Hire a Hitman: 11 Fascinating Search Suggestions from Google * 2. 11 Random Facts About Kissing * 3. 11 Expansion Teams That Just Missed the Cut * 4. 11 Awesome Outdoor and Interactive Ads * 5. 11 Examples of ‘Perfect Strangers’ Fan Art * 6. The [...]

Angry Birds Fan Art

Yummy, it’s like a Thanksgiving feast for your favorite angry avains. If you love those oh-so-angry birds, then check out the fan art dedicated to the game over at BuzzFeed. Link

18 Peices of Bill Murray-Inspired Art

BuzzFeed has a great collection of Bill Murray fan art right now, including this brilliant travel poster for Punxutawney, PA. If you like his movies, you’ll love this gallery. Link

Egon Spengler Sculpture

I ain’t afraid of no hyper-realistic sculptures of Egon Spengler. Are you? This incredible work of fan art was created by artist Carol Lyon, who has documented the process in one of his FaceBook photo galleries. Link Via BuzzFeed