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Man sends e-mails from beyond the grave

The family and friends of Jack Froese have been receiving mysterious posthumous e-mails from him. Jack’s friend Tim Hart was the first to receive one …

Feed The Wards (Do They Know It’s Christmas Time?)

(YouTube link) While you’re enjoying the holidays with family and friends, remember the many people who have to work straight through because it’s necessary. ZDoggMD and Dr. Harry made a video about what Christmas is like for medical folks, to the tune of “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” Link -Thanks, Doc!

The History of Board Games

For years, they’ve provided us with fun for the family and friends without having to leave our homes. But the history of these games goes back much farther than you’d expect (of course fans of Lost already know this). Today we take a look at the illustrious history of board games, thanks to our friends [...]