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Quiz: Hall of Fame Hats

Today Barry Larkin and Ron Santo were inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Larkin spent his whole career with the Reds, and Santo played 14 of his 15 years with the Cubs. But many Hall of Famers were on multiple teams, which leads to a tough decision: what team’s hat should they wear on [...]

Devilishly Cool Diablo III Animated Short

(YouTube Link) This here’s a brand spanking new animated short based on Blizzard’s upcoming video game Diablo III, and it’s directed by Peter Chung (of Aeon Flux fame) and animated by Titmouse (of Metalocalypse and Venture Bros. fame)!! It’s a bloody, action packed short that left me longing to watch a Diablo animated series. Oh well, I [...]

When We Decide What to Call the Afternoon Links, We’ll Put That Up Here

The 1940s Produced the Greatest Generation – Of Squirrel Outfitters – the World Has Ever Seen This gallery depicting Mrs. Mark Bullis and her snazzzily-dressed squirrel, Tommy Tucker, is pretty awesome. * E-Books Are Cool and All, But Can You Make a Super Cool Safe out of Them? The answer is no, you can not. And everyone needs one [...]

Math Predicts Which Celebrity Marriages Will End in Flames

Can you mathematically calculate whether a celebrity couple’s marriage will end in a divorce? You sure can, according to New York Times science reporter John Tierney and statistician Garth Sundem (math, what can’t it [...]

Baseball’s 90 Percent Club

The newest members of the Baseball Hall of Fame are to be announced today. I found out that no player has ever been inducted with 100% of the votes tallied. But there have been 27 players who got 90% or more of the votes cast. How many of those players can you name? I could [...]

The Memes of 2011: Where Are They Now?

The life of an Internet meme is hard and fast. Sometimes memes find lasting success, but others get drunk on their own fame and crash. View more at the link. Hey, has anyone heard from Baby Godfather? Link -via Nag on the Lake

11 Chilrdren’s Drawings Re-imagined

Dave Devries needs to be inducted into the _floss Hall of Fame, like, now! Well, after we create the _floss Hall of Fame. Then he does. Why? Well, take a look at his amazing artwork below based on children’s drawings. Such a smart idea, we wish we had thought of it! Let us know your [...]

Celebrating Lesser-Known Prehistoric Animals

Everyone knows about tyrannosauruses and raptors, but what about azhdarchids, purussauruses or gorgonopsids (like the one above)? These are some of the newly discovered, lesser-known prehistoric monsters that still deserve some of the fame afforded to the more popular dinosaurs. Fortunately, Environmental Graffiti is here to educate you on these fascinatingly weird predators. For example, the [...]

Ray William Johnson’s Zombie Love Song

Hey, even zombies need a little love on Valentine’s Day, don’t they? Ray William Johnson (of =3 fame) thought so, and wrote this, er, killer song to prove it.

Paul the psychic octopus has died

The octopus that rose to fame by predicting World Cup results this year has died. Paul the octopus gained a substantial following during the 2010 Worl…